Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Afternoon at Discovery Green/ Houston Rockets Game

Daddy was able to get us tickets in March for a Rockets game, He also heard that there was a nice park so we should go early and explore. Discovery Green has become one of our favorite places to visit. With a playground, water features, a small lake, library, and eateries, an outdoor stage for entertainment, this place offers a variety of fun.

As the sun began to set, we made our way over to the Toyota Center to watch the Houston Rockets game. Our first family basketball game! Brennan had so much fun chanting and yelling with the crowd as our Rockets made a basket. Taylor had a good time too, even enjoyed her first foam finger thanks to Daddy.


Our First Bowling Trip!

In March while my Dad and Grandma were visiting we took the kids bowling. Ever since we got the wii and have been playing bowling on the TV, he has wanted to go to a real bowling alley and play. The kids had so much fun! It is something that we have done a couple of times since and I am sure always will!

I was impressed with how well they were able to throw the ball.
Taylor's "curtsy" as we applaud her good throw.

Brennan strategizes his next throw.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is an S.O.S.! Our first trip to the Rodeo!

Briz was able to secure tickets through work to go to the Jonas Brothers concert during the Rodeo at Reliant Stadium. We had four tickets and was able to burn one on Aunt Lynette. None of us had any idea what was in store for us.

3:30, concert is to begin in 15 min. We buy a souvenir, find our seats (3rd row, V.I.P.) and realize there is no stage rather dirt and horses parading around. I think to myself: Are they really going to perform on dirt? Isn't ll of this a little elaborate to stick to the theme of the Rodeo? Our usher informs me that they will perform on a stage that is built in the center of the floor, it takes 15 min. Okay, so at this point I am waiting for a "Texas" introduction then an intermission for them to build up the stage. So, after the National anthem and prayer (yes, we prayed) the Rodeo was underway! Wait Stacey, did you just say Rodeo?

After three hours of bull riding, wrangling, wagon races, and mutin bustin' (which is a sport that is adorable and wrong at the same time) Demi Lovato opened up for the Jonas Brothers. The next hour and a half we rocked out to Camp Rock, Love Bug, and Don't Forget.

Taylor had a blast at the concert and we all enjoyed the Rodeo. Can't wait to go back next year!

Happy Birthday Brennan!

Brennan turned three on February 26. We took him to the place that most three year olds enjoy: CHUCKEE CHEESE! He and Taylor had a ton of fun playing games and dancing with Chuckee.

Upon returning home, Brenn opened all of his presents and we had cake after dinner. He thoroughly enjoyed his day!

All ready a natural with the glove! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our First Family Visitors!

In late February my Mom and Aunt Bev came to visit for Brennan's Birthday. My Mom and Aunt had the opportunity to experience Galveston, and the Space Museum. We all had fun learning more about our what is now Houstonian culture.

Galveston Island (overcast and chilly):

The Space Center:

Mission Control O G Style

Simulation Warehouse. This is where the Astronauts train!

This is how you took a shower in the Sky Lab.

Taylor and Brennan launching their own space missions.

Dinner at Hard Rock:
Taylor and Daddy demonstrating "Orange Smilies"
Brennan now giving it a go.

After the Space Center we ate at Hard Rock Cafe. Brennan and Taylor enjoyed the music and walking around looking at musicians memorabilia.

Daddy and Brennan Day: Monster Trucks!

At the beginning of February we came to discover we moved here in time for Monster Jam. Brennan loves watching the cars "crash" and so Briz bought tickets and made it a guy day to Reliant Stadium. Brennan loved watching all the trucks especially his favorite: Grave Digger! The boys enjoyed their first Monster Jam experience.

First Ice Skate

Since arriving and knowing her friend Ethan ice skate's Taylor wanted to go ice skating. In January we took a trip to The Woodlands and checked out their winter rink. Tay and Brenn had a blast! They both did a great job gaining control keeping their feet (rather than their bottoms) on the ice. I was so proud of them! Briz and I managed to keep on our feet too keeping in mind it had been since we were kids that we had been ice skating ourselves.

Taylor ready to go!

Brennan getting adventurous.

Taylor getting comfortable skates faster around the rink.

Mommy and Brennan taking a break.